Top 3 Mistakes Nutritionists Make Creating Courses

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In this post I talk about:

  • The top three mistakes nutritionists make creating courses for the first time
  • Solutions and recommendations on how to avoid them when you’re in creation mode

Mistake #1

You have an overwhelming amount of information you want to include in your course

As an expert, you have a wealth of knowledge to share. However, trying to cram too much information can result in your clients feeling overwhelmed, making it difficult to understand and retain information. This leads to a lack of clarity and focus where they feel lost on where to begin or what the next step is.


Choose one problem to one solution. I call this the “1:1 Method” because you’re not trying to cure or manage every symptom of every condition out there, you’re focusing on a key problem and one solution.

Once you have that down, then you’re going to walk through the “Step-by-Step Method” where you break down the steps to get to the end goal. However, the finish line doesn’t mean the individual is “cured”, it could mean that the individual has made significant progress to continue healing past your course.

Mistake #2

The content in your course is confusing and lacks structure

Without a clear and logical structure, students can easily become frustrated and disengaged. Even so, disorganized content can lead to confusion, making it difficult for students to follow along and understand the material. This lack of clarity can significantly impact the effectiveness of the course, as students struggle to see how different topics and concepts are connected.


Create a logical progression outline where you start with foundational concepts and gradually move towards more advanced topics. Likewise, Use transition statements or brief recaps at the beginning and end of each module to connect the dots between different sections. Most importantly, you can add summaries or key takeaways to reinforce the main points in the lesson.

Mistake #3

Thirdly, you struggle with the technical set-up of your course such as video editing and using course platforms

Even so, you may encounter problems trying to set-up your course platform, creating a sales funnel, or knowing how to edit your videos for each lesson. For many nutritionists, who don’t have a technical background, these are time-consuming tasks which lead to delays, lower quality video content, and a frustrating experience for you and your students.


Furthermore, consider outsourcing the technical set-up to a service that builds your course and takes care of the video editing, course platform set-up, and sales funnel creation.

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