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In this post, I share:

  • Five things to include in your gut health course that no one else bothers to do
  • Insights, recommendations, and strategies to help make your course the best in the wellness space

Live Cooking Classes

I admit, this one takes a bit of time to set-up but you won’t regret putting in the work. If you’re teaching your clients about cooking foods they’re not familiar with, consider scheduling a few live cooking classes where they join you via Zoom and you structure the class to have a Q&A session at the end for people to ask questions.

Recipe Video Tutorials

Walk your clients through a recipe in a pre-recorded video format, so that they can watch at their own pace. Try to be as detailed as possible as you go through each step and consider including an ingredient list they can download.

Guest Chefs for Cook Along’s

Guest chefs bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, adding credibility to your course. Their expertise can provide deeper insights into cooking techniques, ingredient choices, and nutrition principles. It also is a great way to build partnerships and collaborations with other experts in your field.

Recipe Challenges

Have your clients download a recipe from one of your lessons in your course, then have them watch a cooking demo video, so that they can recreate it themselves. The last step is for your clients to share a picture with you, so you can provide feedback and answer questions.

Behind-the-Scenes Prep

Show behind-the-scenes footage of meal prep, including tips on organization, equipment lists, meal planning, and even bloopers!


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