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Virtual Cooking Class

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In this post, I share: Live Cooking Classes I admit, this one takes a bit of time to set-up but you won’t regret putting in the work. If you’re teaching your clients about cooking foods they’re not familiar with, consider scheduling a few live cooking classes where they join you via Zoom and you structure […]

Get Your Gut Health Course to Stand Out

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Creating a profitable gut-health course involves strategic planning and execution. To start, hire someone to capture your expertise and build your course for you that addresses a specific need or problem with your clients. For maximum success, you want your course to be engaging, comprehensive, and results-based. We’re diving into three money-generating activities you can […]

How to Make Money from Your Gut Health Course


In this post, I talk about: The Price of your Expertise Assessing the value you provide in your nutrition program involves a deep dive into the unique benefits and outcomes your clients can expect. Start by evaluating your expertise, qualifications, and the personalized attention you offer. Consider the comprehensiveness of your program: Researching your Competitors […]

How Much to Charge for your Nutrition Program