...So, you can help more people while having more time to yourself, freedom away from your business, and still have financial success.

future-proof your business with your own signature program

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Your purpose is to help more people

And you love what you do; you're generous with your time, your resources, and your knowledge. 

But it's eating into your life outside of your business, you're suddenly finding yourself working an evening here or there, sometimes weekends when it's super busy. 

And you know, deep down, that isn't sustainable long-term.

At this point, you're thinking:

  • You wish you had a way to reach more people without it cutting into your precious time with your family. 

  • You want to build your business that isn't directly tied to the hours that you work. 

  • You really want your business to make sales without you having to be there every day, all day. 

There's a way to have it all.

To have more time for yourself and your family

With an online signature program, you're indirectly creating a pool of potential clients for your one-to-one services. 

To attract, find, and secure more clients

It's easier than you think..

Have flexibility to choose how to divide your week

Building a business doesn't mean you have to sacrifice every hour of your day to revenue-generating activities. There's something I call balance, and I'll show you how it works. 

The business is running without you; making sales, onboarding new clients, and you have 15+ hours you've gained each week because you decided to create a program. 

Create a referral system for your online course

The people inside your course become your cheerleaders and will happily refer you to their friends, family, coworkers, and other people they know because of how amazing your program is. 

"Alyssa helped me ideate a restructured line of business that has the potential to generate 10 times the amount of monthly revenue that was initially projected, and as an extremely busy nonprofit executive director and entrepreneur, I needed someone who could help me bring my vision to life with minimal time and project oversight. Alyssa quickly proved that her ability to be a self-starter was exactly what I needed."

Julius Boatwright, MSW, LSW, RYT Founder of the Black Yoga Group

The only full-service course creation service uniquely designed for health-focused entrepreneurs that want to future-proof their business with a comprehensive online signature program. 

The Course Creation Protocol


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Give your clients an extra cushion of support by creating an area where your clients can find others on the same journey as them. 


Together we design a signature program that delivers results, so that your clients can experience how immersive and lifechanging your expertise is.

Building the Curriculum

Your program can't run on empty promises, I help position the transformation you offer as it aligns to the solution your client's need. 


How about a sneak peek...

The Course Creation Protocol is a six-phase system to help you position, deliver results, build a community, align your brand, and launch your program in an all-in-one service.

I create a comprehensive 8 to 12 week launch plan, so you can prepare for the launch of your program and know exactly how to set-up a sales funnel. 


I help you get clear on the best way to promote your program, so that people will feel connected to your message. 


I use instructional design techniques to breakdown your expertise into easy-to-digest content your clients understand.


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→ A detailed program outline, weekly course plan, learning outcomes and objectives.

→ A results-driven outcome where your clients feel clarity in what they're learning. 

→ Your core message that speaks directly to your client's desires, challenges, motivations, fears, hesitations.

in thESE PHASES, i develop:

Your program can't run on empty promises, I help position the transformation you offer as it aligns to the solution your client's need. 

Position & Build your Curriculum

PHASE 1 & 2 

Give your clients an extra cushion of support by creating an area where your clients can find others on the same journey as them. 

Community Impact 

Phase 3 & 4

→ A peer-to-peer based community that invites clients to ask questions, give advice to other members of the group, and keep each other accountable. 

→ A strategy to continue nurturing your clients when they've finished your course. 

→ A supportive space where we create your community policies and link community resources for further learning.


→ An 8-12 week launch plan in your preferred project management tool

→ The templates you'll need to prepare for the launch of your online course (email copy, metrics tracker, sales page, testimonial prompts, webinar slide decks)

→ The launch strategy that aligns with the way you want to launch. We're launching on your terms, not using strategies you're not comfortable with. 

in this PHASE, I create:

I create a comprehensive 8 to 12 week launch plan, so you can prepare for the launch of your program and know exactly how to set-up your sales funnel. 

Attracting &
Selling your Course

phase 5

Especially if you're looking to launch something new, she has so much knowledge, she is so generous with her time, with her resources and make you feel so empowered.

Marisa Lonic, Certified Life and Business Coach of MamaWorkIt

"She has so much knowledge, she is so generous with her time and with her resources"

"Alyssa has helped me maintain my energy while living my purpose."

The change to group coaching was scary at first (will they see the same results?) but it was so worth it! Alyssa has helped me maintain my energy while living my purpose and I'll be forever grateful!

"Alyssa made the course creation process easier with her wisdom and expertise."

Alyssa made the course creation process infinitely easier for me and my client with her wisdom and expertise around the launch process and the actual course creation process. Having her help always makes me feel like I have an expert to go to who always has the most brilliant ideas and the most efficient processes to make things happen.. 

Jenny Kavanagh, Certified OBM, jennykavanagh.com 

“The speed at which Alyssa takes an idea from conception to execution continually amazes me."

- Wade Langin, Head Trainer - OBM Institute

"If you want something done fast and done right, Alyssa is the person for you."

"Working with Alyssa was a dream! I felt completely understood and supported. She knew exactly what I needed."

- Mandy Flanders, Holistic Health Coach

"Alyssa is receptive, kind, intuitive, and supportive, fast, and efficient."

“She has an outstanding can-do attitude which meant that working with her was easy and fun"

- Julieanne Steedman, Heirloom Island

"She helped me organize and get on-top of so many things that led to achieving better results, and more streamlined processes and systems."


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Phase 1 & 2: Position and Build your Curriculum

The Course Creation Protocol


  • Position your program with a competitive analysis
  • Detailed program outline, learning outcomes, and key objectives
  • Filming prompts and slide deck assistance
  • Content upload with preferred instructional design model

Phase 3 & 4: Community Impact

  • Create a program community
  • Create an onboarding experience for your clients that feel seamless and easy to enroll

Phase 5: Attract and Sell your Program

  • Create an 8-12 week step-by-step launch plan with assigned dates, tasks, roles, writing scripts, and templates to make launching your program stress-free.


What is the investment?

well, this sounds amazing.

**3-6 month payment plans available**. Final investment pricing is determined by individual business needs and scope of work.

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Here's exactly what my clients say about my work

Is it worth it?

- Nicole b.


Yes and no, while I primarily work with health-focused entrepreneurs, if you want to create a signature online program and you're from a different niche, I'm happy to help you out! 

IS THIS TAILORED TO just health businesses?


Not an issue! I'm here to guide you through the process of identifying a topic that aligns with your expertise, interests, and audience needs. I'll work closely with you to explore your areas of specialization, unique insights, and the pressing challenges or questions your clients may have. 

i don't know my course topic


The timeline varies based on your content, the depth of your material, and your availability. I can provide a personalized timeline after assessing your needs. Typically, I see a 3-6 month timeline for the full course creation experience.

How long does it take?


When we meet on Zoom, I'll ask you a few questions about the course you want to create, I'll share my insights and strategies with you, and then send you a proposal outlining the breakdown of the service. Once confirmed, the onboarding process begins, so you feel 100% supported. 

what happens after i book a call?

This is a list of course platforms we work in:
  • Thrivecart (our most preferred platform)
  • Teachable
  • Kajabi 

which course platform do you recommend?


YES! Since you are the expert, you would be creating the content for the course but I'll handle the organization, the content prompts, and presentation of your course to deliver a seamless experience for your clients. 

do i create the content?