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Solo mode

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There are two ways business owners can run a business Solo mode is when you look at your business through the lens of ME. “What do I want/ not want? What’s best for me?” CEO mode is when you look at your business as a separate entity. As something that stands on its own, separate […]

The Difference: Solo Mode vs. CEO Mode

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This is the #1 thing getting in the way of your success Imagine you want to grow a tree. First you plant the seed. Then you spend time tending to the seed – giving it what it needs to grow. Everyday that you tend to the seed it grows – a little bit at a […]

The #1 Thing Getting in the Way of your Success


Growing a tree

Yes, it’s important to hire. Yes, it’s important to delegate. Yes, team makes all things possible. BUT there is something that many business owners aren’t prepared for when they start hiring. The management trap. Let’s first dig in and define what management is. It’s the role of a manager to make sure the right things […]

The Role of Managing a Team


The Management Trap

I saw a post recently talking about this idea of the ‘invisible workload’ – the weight of having to think about & plan everything. This is referred to as the invisible workload because even if you’re not the one doing everything, you might be the one THINKING about all the things, and making all the […]

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