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Morning Yoga with Kids

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This is why I prioritize slow mornings in my business For more than a decade, I’ve worked in an office environment where I would rush out the door, barely eating breakfast, just to make it on time for my 8:30 a.m. shift. As soon as I walked into my office space, I flipped the switch […]

Why I Prioritize Slow Mornings in my Business

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In this post I talk about: Mistake #1 You have an overwhelming amount of information you want to include in your course As an expert, you have a wealth of knowledge to share. However, trying to cram too much information can result in your clients feeling overwhelmed, making it difficult to understand and retain information. […]

Top 3 Mistakes Nutritionists Make Creating Courses


Person Meal Plans

Creating a profitable gut-health course involves strategic planning and execution. To start, hire someone to capture your expertise and build your course for you that addresses a specific need or problem with your clients. For maximum success, you want your course to be engaging, comprehensive, and results-based. We’re diving into three money-generating activities you can […]

How to Make Money from Your Gut Health Course


In this post, I talk about: The Price of your Expertise Assessing the value you provide in your nutrition program involves a deep dive into the unique benefits and outcomes your clients can expect. Start by evaluating your expertise, qualifications, and the personalized attention you offer. Consider the comprehensiveness of your program: Researching your Competitors […]

In this post, I talk about: What to have in place before you create a course To obtain the type of influence and income you’re searching for. You might want to address these key considerations before you create a course: Assess your expertise Before you create a course, determine if your knowledge, skills, and experiences […]

Should I Create a Course?

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Implementation requires 3 Ds: Decisions + Driving + Doing = Implementation When it comes to getting things done in a business DOING is often the default priority.  But it’s actually the first 2 Ds in the formula that are critical to the success of any project, and without the first two, the doing piece can […]

D x 3 for Implementation


I talk to business owners all day long about the challenges they are experiencing in their business. If any of the following sounds familiar, the solution might be easier than you think… Once your business revenue is beyond 6-figures, it’s really tough to continue to operate as the lone leader on the team. At some […]

As a leader, one of our primary responsibilities is to ensure team members are delivering results and successfully completing what they are responsible for. When everyone is individually hitting their marks, the business wins. To achieve this, accountability across the company is crucial. But, holding people accountable is challenging. It requires a balance of clarity, […]

3 Keys to Holding your Team Accountable