Your Biggest Business Challenges Solved

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Hi! I'm Alyssa

I speak to business owners every day about the things they find most difficult when it comes to running their business. From dozens of these ‘pain point’ conversations I have come to know two things to be very true:

  1. All 6-figure + businesses experience similar challenges
  2. Many of these common challenges can be addressed with one strategic decision

Business Challenge #1

“I spend way too much time managing the team and don’t have time to create content.”

Solution: A leader on your team to take this off your plate

No matter how amazing your team of copywriters, social media managers, tech VAs and  customer service VAs are, they need a consistent leadership presence. They all need a day to day manager. 

At a certain point in your business that manager cannot be you.

Why? Because you have to focus on your genius, the things only you can do to make the business money. Most often that is some combination of marketing content, sales and or client delivery.

You need a point person on your team to protect you from the day to day so that your team is supported to do their best work, and you are freed up to do yours.

Business Challenge #2

“We need to grow our team but I have no time to hire or train.”

Solution: A leader on your team to take this off your plate

Hiring and onboarding and training are time consuming. And when you urgently need more people to fill critical roles, it’s not uncommon to fast track getting someone in place. Unfortunately, fast tracking often creates more problems than it solves– because you said yes to the first OK candidate, and weren’t able to focus on setting the new team member up for success.

When you have a right-hand manager supporting your business it drastically reduces your hiring & training time. Your role becomes final interviews only with the top candidates that have already been screened. Dreamy.

Bonus: when your new team member’s main point of contact from Day 1 has been your Business Manager, you don’t have to untangle yourself from the training and daily management of that person, because you were never their go to – and that’s OK! (see point above)

Business Challenge #3

“There is no one else in the business who can think big picture and help me plan ahead.”

Solution: A planning expert on your team who can hold the vision

As a Certified Online Business Manager this is what I love most about my work with business owners. My role in my client’s businesses is to make sure all the right things are getting done day to day, while keeping an eye on, and planning for, the big picture.

My weekly meetings with clients are less about the daily details and more about business goals, strategies and quarterly plans. It’s a partnership that is deeply fulfilling for me and very freeing for my clients.