D x 3 for Implementation

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Implementation requires 3 Ds:

Decisions + Driving + Doing = Implementation

When it comes to getting things done in a business DOING is often the default priority. 

But it’s actually the first 2 Ds in the formula that are critical to the success of any project, and without the first two, the doing piece can quickly get messy.

DECISIONS – Who in your business is responsible for making the decisions about what needs to be done? When things need to be done by? How they need to be done, and by Whom?

DRIVING – Who is driving all the activities/tasks to make sure whatever was decided on actually gets done? 

Without solid decision making, and a driving force to wrangle all the moving pieces, the 3rd D (doing) may not happen at all. And if it does, it will likely be a frustrating process for all involved.

As you build your team, it’s really important that you are crystal clear on your role in Decision Making and Driving.

Ideally, as the business owner, you are not involved in any of the day-to-day Doing in your business – and if you are, only for very specific content related tasks.

Once you hit a certain level (6-figures and beyond) being the Driver also gets very difficult for CEOs. And it’s no longer the highest and best use of your time. << Staying in the Driver seat for too long is what creates a huge bottleneck in many small businesses.

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t also have to make every single decision in your business?

Decision fatigue is a very real thing and it can burn a business owner out, and as a result, stall the growth of the business.

As a Certified Online Business Manager® all 3 Ds are what I take care of with and for my clients.

When you have a high-level manager and running mate on your team to make decisions, drive progress and ensure implementation is smooth, the sky truly is the limit for your business.