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3 Reasons to Switch to Teachable for your Online Coaching Business

January 13, 2022

the benefits of kajabi for coaching and courses


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Whether you’re just getting started with your online coaching or you’re ready to switch to a more robust coaching platform, Teachable’s new coaching features can help get your products in front of your audience in less time. 

My own story:

I created an email marketing program called the “The Email Nurturing Blueprint” – this was a program to help start-ups integrate email marketing into their services and sell passively.

Within the program, there were 4 coaching calls for 4 weeks and I needed a platform that would allow students to access the course at the same time I was coaching.

That’s why I joined Teachable; because it had the best of both worlds, coaching and curriculum all in one. Here are my three reasons why I decided to switch from Kajabi to Teachable.


With coaching on Teachable, you can start earning money with coaching while you build a larger audience and develop your course content. The platform has many features that appealed to me in my search for a new way to grow my courses. To start, Teachable allows you to set up a simple sales page and decide which intake flow you want your clients to experience without additional payment links and forms. 

Instead of combing through emails or setting up individual client documents, the platform makes it easy for you to send messages to your clients within each milestone to keep track of their progress.

Your client will receive an email notification every time you create a new milestone or leave a message. You can also add assignments and worksheets for your students, create calendar or video conference links, or set meeting times as specific milestones for your clients. 

Teachable also offers a 1:1 coaching space unique to each client that integrates with the scheduling and conference tools you already know and love, where you can schedule coaching sessions and communicate with your clients without additional emails and documents. 


I know the power of coaching and courses together. Many of you already offer 1:1 coaching as a bonus or a package with your courses. This is something you can offer as a package deal (courses + coaching together).

In addition to the main core features of having coaching as part of my course, I also wanted a platform that was scalable, that could make passive income, that I could automate, and also build a community of course affiliates to help sell your course. 


When going over the platform I was using, I realized it wasn’t what I needed to help me reach my goals. Kajabi didn’t have all the features I required that would help my business thrive, so when deciding to make the switch, I had to ask myself what program would be a better fit and why. These are the questions that helped me arrive at my conclusion to make the switch:


You want to choose systems that are “beginner friendly, empire equipped™.” What would happen if your business went from having 20 students to having 200 students? What would happen if you got 1000 students? Would your current system for selling and delivering courses still hold up?


Passive: Think about how passive your system or software is now. Are there tiny admin tasks taking up your day? If you went away for a week, would your courses still run smoothly? Are you doing unnecessary tasks because your platforms aren’t that great?


Does your platform have the ability to automate your tasks? For example, when someone signs up for this course, they get that email, and then an invitation to this forum. You want to make sure you can set up automations in your systems so you’re not doing that stuff yourself, or paying someone to do it (automate, then delegate).


You need to be using a course software that makes affiliates very simple. If you don’t have affiliate capabilities, you’ll be smacking yourself down the line for not thinking ahead. Just because you might not need this feature TODAY doesn’t mean you won’t need it a month from now. Keep that in mind. (I am obsessed with Teachable because they pay out my affiliates for me. This feature alone is literally worth it’s weight in gold).

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