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haven't been successful.

you're tired of making mistakes and need a plan of action that's easy to follow.

you have no idea what's involved in launching and want a clear cut plan to know the next step.

Does this sound familiar?

Don't believe me huh?

If launching makes you nervous - I have great news. Launching for the first time can feel terrifying...

"What if no one buys"
"What if no one responds"
"I don't want to feel embarrassed"

Launching doesn't need to be dramatic; you need a set of tools, a framework, and a plan to follow each week, so that you know exactly what to do and when.

With a launch plan, you never have to worry about what the next step is...

get an expert to plan it for you

construct your launch plan

Capture your launch vision 

create irresistable content

POSITION YOUR course to sell

the 5 part launch strategy

turn your launch evergreen


$597 USD

  • A personalized launch plan + timelines
  • 90-minute Launch Strategy session
  • Launch my Course eBook
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  • Access to my Launch Funnel Blueprint Library

what's included

An 5-hour VIP Day to help you strategically plan and launch your course, group program, or membership to generate sales, sell out seats, and turn your launch into an evergreen machine. 

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Limited spaces available. I only book three VIP Days per month.


"A lot of the time, CEOs aren’t clear on all the things that need to happen behind the scenes for a launch and how many decisions they’ll need to make so their team can implement. The addition of all the pre-launch strategy items in this template make it worth its weight in gold! It’s perfect for solopreneurs or teams to get organized and ready to launch without any “uh-oh” moments.

Online Business Manager, Erika Macauley

"Alyssa’s launch planning template was one of the first ClickUp templates that I’ve ever seen that was truly “plug and play”

“Alyssa is an absolute rockstar. Not only is she an expert in what she does, but her ability to successfully execute on good ideas is out of this world. She continues to show up, take action and get results. She makes it look easy but I know how much effort she invests on the backend.”

Shar L - Managing Director, eWomenNetwork

"Alyssa is an absolute rockstar, her ability to successfully execute on good ideas is out of this world."

"Alyssa was a pleasure to work with! She was very diligent, and her posts increased my engagement and followership. She is also extremely responsive and and gives helpful recommendations. I have and will recommend her to anyone looking for an Online Business Manager!"

Immigration & Real Estate Lawyer, Pinaz Marolia

"She is extremely responsive and gives helpful recommendations."

“After a full day of coaching calls, I was completely drained and had no energy left to give to my own family. The change to group coaching was scary at first (will they see the same results?) but it was so worth it! Alyssa has helped me maintain my energy while living my purpose and I'll be forever grateful!

Charlotte Caunter, Founder of Health SHEro

"Alyssa has helped me maintain my energy while living my purpose."

“The speed at which Alyssa takes an idea from conception to execution continually amazes me. Once she lands on a strategy and a course of action, she wastes no time in getting to the implementation. Simply put, if you want something done fast and done right, then Alyssa is the person for you!”

Wade Langin, Head Coach and Trainer, OBM Institute

"If you want something done fast and done right, Alyssa is the person for you"

“Alyssa was amazing to work with, she gave me amazing advice and really helped me stay motivated by educating me and brainstorming new ideas. If I need help in the future, she will be the first one I go to! Thank you for helping me make my dream a reality!”

- Author, Cynthia Hazelwood, The Heart of Hazelwood

"Alyssa was amazing to work with, she gave me amazing advice and really helped me"

"I learned a lot of new things about marketing. It helped me understand how to create a nurturing campaign (plus many others). I've learned a lot and I feel like I have a better understanding and more confidence of how to market to my audience."

Jessica Ryan, Jessica Danielle Virtual Assistant Services

"I feel like I have a better understanding and more confidence of how to market to my audience."

“Alyssa was great and really helped my business move to Honeybook. She saved me time and worked diligently. Her services are immensely valuable and well worth it."

Chris Kelly, Founder of Onyx University

"She saved me time and worked diligently"

I offer a three-month launch coaching program to help you keep you accountable, be your support, and give you a detailed roadmap of how to reach your launch revenue goals.

WHAT IF i need additional support?

You could! But, I see it all the time! You try to launch without a strategy and it fails. Having a plan in place ensures you're not making mistakes along the way. 

couldn't i just do this myself?

Trial and error is common with launching but in order for your launch to work, you need to put in the work and apply the strategies. 

WILL MY launch work?

I'll be sending you a detailed onboarding guide so you know exactly what to have prepared before we kick things off. 

How should i prepare for my vip day?


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